About Quest Sports

The Quest Professional Athletic Group founded Quest Sports Inc. The group is comprised of current and former professional athletes, ranging from Grey Cup Champions to Olympians, who unanimously believe that Canada has yet to tap into its true athletic talents. In an effort to introduce the Quest Training Systems to the world of sport, Quest Sports Inc. has set forth a bold and passionate plan to identify sports talent in children from the playgrounds of Canada. Our goal is to take them from their humble beginnings in the playground to the realization of their true athletic potential. 

Donna Clarke

Quest Sports Canada

Olympian & Head Coach

Hello, my name is Donna Clarke.
I was in my last years of high school when I discovered my love for track and field. As a late bloomer I started training for the heptathlon (100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200m sprint, long jump, javelin and 800m run), only six months after switching
from competing as a provincial gymnast, I found myself at the 1984 Olympic Games.

I was also fortunate to have been offered many scholarships to attend schools in the US, however, I chose to attend the University of Toronto, where I trained for the heptathlon with my coach Andy Higgins. Under Andy’s tutelage,   I discovered that my favourite events were in the sprints, hurdles and long jump. Another highlight of my athletic career was breaking the Canadian long jump record at the 

Canadian Championships with a  long jump of 6.61m, and again on the same day, with a 6.72m jump.


Now that my competitive days are behind me, I look to the future where I am passing the torch to the future of Canadian athletics through Quest Sports Track and Field Club. Part of my decision in starting a club was through training my own children: One was a hurdler and the other, a baseball player who needed to develop his speed. I was not interested in developing a big club but more so in developing a small private high-quality club where the athletes would get a sufficient amount of attention to detail and focused training.

My main objective is to have all athletes under my watch achieve individual success: For some, it will mean a personal best, for others a sports scholarship to relieve the financial burden from parents, and for others, the ultimate goal, the Olympic Games!

I am a big believer in continuing education. I do not believe I am above learning new things just because I made an Olympic team. I am an NCCP Level 3 coach in sprints, hurdles, jumps, throws, and the multi-events, and am currently completing my advanced coaching levels.

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