Quest Sports



Athletes will participate in short sprints ranging from 50m indoor to 100m outdoor. The middle sprints range from 150m to 200m. The sprints also extend as far as the 300m.

Long Distance

Distance running events range from 500 to 800 meters. Cross country running is also available as athletes prepare for their local schools' cross country season.

High Jump

Athletes take off from one foot over a long horizontal bar. Athletes seek to clear the greatest height without knocking the bar to the ground, followed by landing on a crash mat.

Long Jump

Athletes will sprint along a runway and with accuracy launch themselves off a board onto a sandpit.


A format similar to the sprints over 60m indoors to 80m outdoor, except the runners have to jump over hurdles before they get to the finish line.


One of the most popular events is the relay race. A team of four run equal distances of 100 around a 400 meters track with a baton in hand.

Throwing Events

Athletes will have the opportunity to compete in various throwing events such as javelin, shot-put and the discus.

Strength Training

These 30-60 minute fitness class introduces athletes to basic strength training principles in a fun environment. Athletes will learn about anatomy while practicing simple weight training movements and body weight exercises.

High School

Middle School

Elementary School