Coaches have an essential role to play in a child's athletic journey. Coaching can bring such joy to former athletes who want to give back; I love coaching for this very reason. What I love the most is developing the mentality of a champion. A champion's mentality may present itself through life lessons, values, or how to develop a great work ethic. I strive to prepare every athlete for the road ahead by providing them with challenging practices yet being careful that I carefully build them up.

We live in a world where kids are almost too sensitive; as coaches, we understand the delicate balance with oversensitive kids and pushing kids to become the best version of themselves. However, when other athletes compete in running, jumping and throwing events, they will learn quickly that the clock or the measuring stick does not lie, nor does it consider emotions. The bottom line is, the athlete who runs the fastest, throws or jumps the furthest wins. So when it comes to competition, the best thing we can do is toughen our athletes up and prepare them for real-world competition.

I am grateful to have had a coach who expected the most out of me, it was tough at the time, but the truth of the matter is I enjoyed it. I was a quiet, unassuming athlete, who some coaches would have just written off, but lucky for me, I had someone who believed in me and saw something greater. It was not until grade 11 where something clicked, and I wanted to compete to win, had it not been for the "PUSH,"  I would not have found myself in the greatest competition on earth, the Olympic Games. 

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