Quest Sports


We have seen such a wonderful transformation in our daughter, both as an athlete and a young person since joining Quest. Quest coaches take the time to get to know the kids and evaluate their strengths which allow them to try new events and push boundaries. Our daughter has thrived with the individual attention and small training groups. Kids are supportive and encouraging of each other and there’s a great mix of fun and training which keeps kids engaged and working hard. We are so glad we’ve found our Quest family!


Donna is an amazing coach she pays attention to detail to each child and gives 200%. She and the other coaches are fantastic and wear their hearts on their sleeves. it seems that It's not all about winning, its about perfecting the child’s techniques and enhancing their skills to achieve their personal best. Ania only hears Donna running along the side lines but never me lol. She loves that the coaches check how she's feeling, mentally and physically after her competitions. Ania waits to get her hugs and high fives after each practice. So, back at you with hugs and highs fives to a job well done!


Since joining Quest Noah has developed as an athlete and competitor. The Quest training staff made us feel so welcome and instantly part of the Quest family. The training team clearly know their profession and are able to articulate that to each athlete no matter what age or stage they may be in their athletics journey. Not only have I witnessed the growth of our sons technical abilities even within the first few training sessions, but the entire Quest family of athletes. Thank you Quest for your hard work and dedication to our children, the love and clear fun is palpable, way to go.


We are newer members of the Quest family, joining about a month and a half ago and I am so glad we did! In such a short time, I have already noticed an improvement in my son’s technique thanks to all of the coaches feedback, expertise, and support. I never imagined I would be so impressed with their attention to detail and genuine concern for each child. It is refreshing to see the drive of all ages as they practice their events. I feel very fortunate to have my son learning and thriving as a member of the Quest team. Thank you for everything you do!


My 10 year old daughter had been running track for approximately two years with another club. In March of 2019 we decided to make a change and see if we could take advantage of a more individualized training program. It could not have been a better decision. We joined Quest Sports Canada after speaking with Coach Donna about the type of program we were seeking. We were immediately impressed at the flow and structure at practice. Donna and Colin ran a practice where the athletes were running through a continuous cycle of instruction/exercise/rest, where every minute was well used. The athletes were divided into smaller groups where ages and abilities were defined, allowing for lots of quality one on one instruction from the coaches. There was an immediate change in my daughter’s focus at practice as well.

She thrived in an environment where she was pushed and encouraged through her drills, and individually praised and congratulated at the completion of each session. She gained confidence as she learned new events, and was then encouraged to compete them in meets. Her performance in those meets improved significantly as well. Best times were achieved in all running events and her jumps increased by whole meters! The very best part of the experience this far, has been watching my young, shy, athlete develop from a “kid in a pack,” to a young athlete who is having meaningful discussions and instruction with a coach who is truly invested in them, and understands the direction they want to go with their development. The program being run at Quest Sports Canada is not just a running club, it is a total athlete development program.


"Our daughter has trained in multi-events with Quest Sports for 6 years. Donna Clarke, a former Olympian heptathlete, is an exceptional coach who goes above and beyond to nurture her athletes' talents while ensuring their emotional well-being. Donna identifies athlete strengths and builds upon them while taking action to improve areas of weakness. Donna is caring, a good listener, works and partners with athletes and their parents, and is a great role model for her athletes.

Her team of coaches are also knowledgeable and supportive. Quest has given our daughter a strong foundation of training in track and field. We also believe the intensity of focus acquired at the track also transcends positively into other areas of life, including excelling at academics. We highly recommend Quest Sports!"

G & M Gurbin, 2020