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About Quest Sports

Quest Sports Canada’s programs are designed by Olympic and professional athletes for non-competitive to high-performance athletes. It is our mission to help athletes develop to their highest potential.

Quest Sports Canada’s athletic club builds confidence and a champion mindset. Athletes train and compete at their highest level while building healthy personal habits. We believe that building confidence energizes athletes, which aids in producing great champions.

Join Quest Sports Track and Field Club and Experience Quality Athletic Development

Speed Development

At Quest Sports, we are all about speed development,
  • We believe consistent work will change the game for athletes who wish to take their training to the next level.
  • We know that accelerating quickly and powerfully is probably the most important skill that needs improvement in all athletes.
  • We teach all the movement patterns to condition the neuromuscular system to improve the firing patterns of fast-twitch muscle fibres.
Quest Sports Track & Field Club is a great training hub for all types of athletes in sports such as baseball, basketball, football, and soccer.

Jumping & Throwing Events

  • Quest Sports Canada’s Track and Field Club focuses on two main jumping events: Long jump and high jump. Conditioning programs are put in place to support these events.
  • Our club also focuses on the following throwing events: Javelin and shot put. A strength and conditioning program is put in place to support these events.

Running Events

Quest Sports Canada’s Track and Field Club believes that speed is essential for all track and field events.

Running Events
  • 100m & 200m Sprints
  • 400m
  • Middle distance and cross country
    • 60m to 100m (girls)
    • 60m to 110m (boys)
    • 200m to 400m long hurdles
    • 4x100m
    • 4x400m